Storage Tips

Long-term Storage

Some e-liquid manufacturers are storing their products in glass bottles, while others may ship their products in plastic bottles.

It’s advised to opt for dark glass bottles when storing liquids in a good condition.

The dark shaded bottles prevent the light from getting through to the liquid, keeping the substance fresh.  For short term storage plastic is fine but terrible for long term.

While storing e-cig liquid, be careful and do not let air get trapped inside the bottle.

Wise e-cigarette users never use plastic bottles for storing e-liquid substance as it destroys the formation and quality of the substance. As a side note juice that’s going bad and oxidized will get darker. Oxidized juice is not a health hazard, but will give a poorer taste.

If you start finding that your e-liquid is going bad, it may be the time to start purchasing less quantity per each order.

The brief tips above will help you make your e liquid supply last much longer.

On a final note, though we mention using glass bottles for storage above, if you’re buying smaller quantities in plastic and using them monthly there is nothing wrong with that.

Plastic is simply bad for long term storage.

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