CBD for Dad

We know that CBD can promote good health for everyone. But, what can it do for Dad? After looking into the specific needs of fathers globally, Infinite CBD is proud to offer some of our finest products to Dads everywhere to make sure we’re doing our part in promoting a healthier lifestyle. With our Isolate Capsules, Beard Flux and Freezing Point, we’ve prepared only the best for Dad this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day CBD Bundle

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Dad this year, don’t miss our on giving him the gift of good health. With our Father’s Day Bundles, Dad will receive the ultimate bundle of CBD products for overall health and healthy skin and beard.


According to Pew Research Center fathers are statistically more involved in their children’s lives than they were 50 years ago. As most parents know, taking care of children is not only one of the most challenging tasks, but also the most rewarding. Overflowing bathtubs, doodles on the living room wall, skateboarding accidents and shattered dinnerware – all of these are enough to take your day in an entirely different direction. To take the edge off, CBD Isolate Capsules offer a solution to keeping calm and handling each curveball situation. These are the perfect way to promote good health throughout your body and mind!

As men get older, they find that working out can become more strenuous and difficult to keep up stamina. With Infinite CBD’s Isolate Capsules, dad can also promote a healthy system by expanding his workout routine without feeling burnt out. Men’s Health suggests that to safely expand your workout, movements should be simplified. Not only do simple workouts lead to a longer period of calorie burn, but with the assistance of CBD, it can help Dad feel euphoric while pushing himself further into peak health.

Beard Flux

In his published research titled Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Pathology, Nature, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Causes Hygiene and Medical Treatment, Dr. Addison P. Dutcher explores his findings that show beards having a seriously significant impact on men’s health. Not only are they a great way to accentuate the face, but Dr. Dutcher showed us that they catch a fair amount of airborne bacteria and save the face from overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. This would mean that beards actually prevent throat diseases and facial melanoma! With our purest ingredients, Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil can assist in preventing skin irritation to Dads everywhere by helping the hair grow full and consistent while replenishing his skin.

Freezing Point

Dads everywhere put their body and mind into parenting. From roughhousing in the living room to mishaps while playing catch, fathers come back sore after a long day of parenting. It can seem like kids have an unlimited supply of energy and push parents to the limit every day. With Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point, CBD Pain Cream, Dads can finally focus on problem areas and feel a near-instant relief to deep rooted aches and pains. Pairing Isolate Capsules with Freezing Point can create a long term, powerful system of relief to keep dad up and active to handle whatever parenting throws his way!