Congratulations to our Wholesaler of the Month, David, owner of Dr.Ganja! Based out of Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Ganja acts as the middle-man between CBD brands and a booming customer base. Clients like this prove why doing wholesale with Infinite CBD can dramatically benefit both parties!

Working with Infinite CBD

Dr. Ganja has been working with Infinite CBD for the better part of a year and has truly helped improve customer lives by adding Infinite CBD’s products to the shelves. David’s customer reviews tell us that not only are they impressed with the product overall, but the majority have mentioned purchasing the product again. Some even say that they’re willing to expand their CBD horizon by trying new products thanks to their positive interaction with CBD isolate!

Infinitely Loyal

When asked why he has remained a loyal Infinite CBD customer, here’s what David had to say:

“We sell them because Infinite provides lab results for everything, so you know you’re getting a top notch product, we like the brand we think it’s quality and connects with people. We like the packaging, the name, the service mixed in with the price point and most important our customers like it.”

“Growth” is the name of the game at Infinite CBD. In a mission to supply the world with pure CBD merchandise, watching the growth of an accompanying CBD company creates a feel for community. Dr. Ganja is a fantastic retailer, showcasing brands from across the country to try and bring a diverse array of CBD products. Since the beginning of this partnership, Infinite CBD has been proud to work with the quickly expanding Dr. Ganja!

A Successful Future for Cannabinoids

With Asteroid Gummies and Isolate Droppers leading the majority of sales, David has seen an extensive range of use on the Infinite CBD product line. These affordable options have not only proven to be an in-house success, but our wholesale success matches this closely. From isolate concoctions to tasty gummies, Dr. Ganja is helping improve world health by promoting these products for daily use.

Reaching out to all customers looking to promote a better, healthier lifestyle, Dr. Ganja has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of reputable brands to change the way the world looks at cannabis products. Infinite CBD is pleased to assist in changing the future’s perspective of “healthy living.”