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Full Guide: Exactly How to Buy Durex Condoms

Because the 1500s when condoms first developed, continued developments and also advancements have actually changed their usage not just for sex-related enjoyment, but likewise global wellness. Currently, condoms can be used to stop undesirable maternities and also venereal diseases like HIV as well as syphilis. And also among the pioneers of this evolution has always been Durex.

Whereas many people just see the security side of condoms, they really can as well as do boost the high quality of sex. Durex condoms are designed to use an additional sensation as well as satisfaction throughout sex.

When you can appreciate yourself without worrying regarding coming out expectant or with an STI, there is a particular calmness and also relaxation that kicks in. In that minute, a prophylactic comes to be component of your foreplay video games. You are so on factor you will certainly help your companion slide it on.

While it could be very easy when you currently have a brand, Durex condoms been available in different dimensions, structures and designs, colours as well as products, select the ideal one for you can be frustrating. Below is a full overview to assist you when looking for Durex prophylactics.

Tips to Finding Durex Condoms


Durex condoms come in different dimensions, recognizing that various people have varying girths. Examine out the Peaches as well as Screams item profile and choose a Durex prophylactic your size.


Durex condoms can be found in different product from latex, non-latex as well as genuine feeling. Yes, You Can Wake Up With An Erect Clitoris is one of the most usual as well as commonly favored by the majority of people. It is stretchy thus fits well with various penis dimensions. It is additionally non-porous make it very effective in avoiding pregnancy as well as spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Some individuals tend to have allergic reactions from Latex. If you experience latex allergies, non-latex products such as polyurethane and polysisoprene are terrific alternatives. They are FDA accepted as reliable in preventing sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancies

Lambskin is very porous making these condoms inadequate in Sexually transmitted diseases defense. Just use them if you are in a long-lasting monogamous connection seeking to flavor up your sex life and also incorporate condoms as a birth control method.

Bonus Satisfaction as well as Stimulation

To make your sex life a lot more satisfying, Durex creates condoms created to boost, animate, kink intimacy and also give added security. Choose depending on your demands and also desires.

Stimulated: Attempt Durex Textured Condoms

Trying out various Durex prophylactic structures up until you discover an individual favourite. If you desire a lot more sensation attempt Pleasure Me vary created with purposefully placed ribs and also dots to increases feeling and make for an explosive orgasm.

Thrilling: Try Durex Flavoured Condoms

Whether you like it vaginal, anal or dental, Durex flavoured prophylactics can be found in a variety of flavours from strawberry, orange, apple and also more to spruce up your sex life.

Intimacy: Attempt Durex Ultra-Thin as well as Real Feeling Condoms

If you are looking for an extreme actual feel connection during sexual relations, choose a slim prophylactic to allow even more body warm transfer between you as well as your companion. For additional affection, Durex has thin prophylactics under the Thin Feel, Intimate Feeling as well as Ultra-Thin Feeling ranges.

Bonus Safe: Try Durex Bonus Safe Condoms

If you are extra cautious and also want some additional safety, take into consideration Durex Extra Safe condoms. These are thinker that regular prophylactics offering an added layer of defense. Due to the thickness, they lower the body-heat transferred producing longer lasting erection.

Different prophylactics can flavor up your lovemaking. From contraception, to illness preventions, to extra experiences and also increased affection, you remain in for brand-new sensual experiences that will certainly not only boost your sex life but likewise bring you together as a pair.

Prophylactic Safety Safety Measures

Despite the security provided by most condoms, they can wear away in strength and also loss performance if not utilized or stored appropriately:

Do not make use of a prophylactic past the expiration date. Prophylactic products degrade with time increasing damage opportunity.

Make certain your condoms are kept correctly. Durex prophylactics must be saved in a trendy completely dry place away from straight sunlight.

Prior to infiltration, press the air out of the pointer to prevent stress accumulation. This Is Why You Need A Magic Wand In Your Life can cause the condom to burst.

Never ever make use of oil-based lubricating substances with prophylactics. They compromise the surface area making the condom more at risk to breakage.

Use a prophylactic every single time you make love. This will lower your opportunities of contacting sexually undesirable maternities or transmitted diseases.

The Sex Toy You Can Secretly Wear Day LongThe Takeaway

Although the kind of prophylactic you buy relies on your personal preference, placed into factor to consider your partner’s needs. It’s fun to try out various products, texture, experiences as well as flavours up until you both opt for one or a number of favourites. Visit Peaches and also Screams as well as select from a variety of Durex condoms. We are pleased to companion with Durex to bring you a comprehensive line of exotic Durex condoms with different appearances as well as flavours. Constantly protect on your own and also your partner with premium quality Durex Condom. You don’t need to be shy about your sensual needs. Simply check out Screams as well as peaches site, acquire your Durex items and we will inconspicuously deliver to your front door. Love sex with Durex, you understand it’s what you genuinely dream of!

Durex prophylactics are created to provide an added experience and pleasure during sex. Durex condoms come in various product from latex, non-latex and genuine feeling. For added affection, Durex has thin condoms under the Thin Feel, Intimate Feeling as well as Ultra-Thin Feeling varies. If you are more cautious and desire some additional safety and security, consider Durex Bonus Safe condoms. Crotchless Thongs and G-Strings are pleased to companion with Durex to bring you a substantial line of unique Durex condoms with different appearances and flavours.