There are hundreds of CBD products available for purchase on the market, so how can consumers know which ones are the most effective or pure? More specifically, this lotion is used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, it’s important for consumers to understand what to look for. This is a CBD lotion product review of Freezing Point CBD lotion.

What is CBD Lotion?

This specialized lotion is a combination of many common ingredients in lotion plus CBD. Oftentimes, CBD lotion comes in a traditional lotion form, a salve, or even with an application stick.

This CBD product caters to a variety of people’s needs. From athletes to those with injuries and skin hydration needs, CBD lotion is quickly replacing moisturizers that come without CBD.

While CBD lotion is like any other lotion, it has exponential benefits due to the CBD content.

How Does it Work?

There are numerous benefits to using topical CBD every day. Regardless of your background, activity level, or past injuries, this lotion is a game-changer from those seeking moisturized skin and other added benefits.

Skin Benefits

There are numerous endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. This means that cannabinoids easily access and are able to activate the endocannabinoid system. More specifically, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to alleviate numerous serious skin conditions. Research suggests that CBD can reduce the effects of contact dermatitis and alleviate rashes caused by psoriasis.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Using the skin as a segway, CBD has the ability to reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response. When applied topically, CBD reduces neuropathic pain. By targeting the a3 glycine receptors, CBD lotion provides targeted on-demand pain-relief.

While interesting CBD has a variety of benefits, topical CBD is being embraced by the health and wellness communities due to its effectiveness.

Freezing Point

Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point is the most versatile CBD lotion available.

There’s a reason athletes and active individuals everywhere are integrating Freezing Point into their recovery routines. This lotion goes on smoothly, has a soothing scent, and moisturizes the skin while providing the natural relief of Cannabidiol.

Those recovering from injuries, surgeries, or experience chronic pain are using Freezing Point because of its therapeutic applications. Freezing Point can be used as needed – there’s no waiting for it to kick in. With this lotion, you can count on almost immediate relief. With each use, users can expect a cooling and soothing sensation.

We recommend keeping Freezing Point in your bathroom, gym bag, and car for accessible relief no matter where you are.

Available in three varieties, Freezing Point cream, salve, and Nano Freezing Point, there’s a lotion for everyone. You can also cater the CBD mg amount to your specific needs.

Ready to Try Freezing Point?

Are you ready to try the most effective CBD lotion available? Freezing Point has proven again and again that it’s not only beneficial to the skin as a moisturizer, but a CBD lotion that targets pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. The reviews are in, and Freezing Point is a winner.

Learn more about the different versions of Freezing Point available.