CBD, like many other things, effects people differently. While chances are that CBD oil won’t make you sick, it’s important to examine why and how it potentially could. Additionally, knowing the side effects of taking CBD can help you determine if CBD oil will make you feel sick.

Can CBD Oil Make You Sick?

There isn’t anything about CBD that should make you sick. While CBD is safe for human consumption, what it’s mixed with could affect your negative (if you have an allergy) or have an interaction with a medication you take regularly.

For example, if you have a nut allergy or dietary restrictions, knowing what’s in your CBD products is the difference between feeling great and feeling sick.


Most Infinite CBD products contain coconut oil. We use this in our products because it makes CBD more bioavailable, enabling your body to better metabolize and use CBD. On the other hand, if you’re allergic to coconut products, these products could definitely make you feel sick. Before consuming anything, CBD or otherwise, it’s important to check the ingredients.

Interactions with Medications

If you take regular medication, it’s important to talk to your doctor about how CBD might impact or interfere with your treatment plan.

Dietary Changes

For example, research has found that CBD stimulates the production of Serotonin in the brain. If you have anxiety or depression and take SSRI’s (which inhibit the production of Serotonin), taking CBD can cause a serious condition call Serotonin Syndrome.

Say you don’t have an allergy, but you have dietary restrictions. Maybe because you’ve adopted a vegan diet, or have cut dairy out of your routine. Changes in your diet can impact how CBD makes you feel.

Taking CBD on an empty stomach can make you feel sick; as beneficial as CBD can be, it can be harsh on your stomach.

When taking CBD, establishing a routine is the best way to ensure consistent results and no icky feelings!

Common CBD Side Effects

For most people, taking CBD has no side effects. Others might experience a few mild ones when they get started, or occasionally if they change up their dose.

Oftentimes, the most noticeable side effect is drowsiness. You may feel slightly drowsy when you first start taking CBD. If you experience extreme tiredness, cut back on your dose.

Like everything you take to supplement your health, there’s a sweet spot. It’s important to remember that it’s unique for everyone.

Also, if you have a question or concern about how CBD is making you feel, reach out to the company you purchased it from. CBD companies should be as transparent and helpful as possible; asking questions about your CBD is your right as the consumer!

Quality of Life with CBD

So, can CBD oil make you feel sick?

If you have an allergy to ingredients in your CBD products or take a medication that CBD interacts with, CBD oil could make you feel sick. More often than not, individuals find that CBD helps to increase their quality of life. It’s important to be consumer-aware of ingredients and talk to your doctor before adding new things to your health regimen.